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     I have always been interested in photography from the time I could get my hands on a camera. Starting from a camera with a limited physical reel to digital cameras to mobile cameras. The best camera is the one you have they say, its very true.

This page hosts a collection of my photos starting with some of my most recent Instagram feed photos, followed by some other curated uploads made for this personal website. Please consider copyright and request permission before any usage.

I have taken a keen interest in astrophotography and amateur astronomy in general. I have travelled to several dark sky parks and enjoyed the cosmic display of the stars. Stargazing became an ever expanding hobby Humbled by my new found knowledge and excited to dig deeper into the field and explore the world of astronomy.

     Cities these days block out most but the brightest stars and planets, so we have to make more effort these days to go see the night sky like our ancestors were easily able to before artificial light pollution was even a thing, often driving hours away from cities in search of dark skies.Most people I know have never seen the Milkyway our home galaxy with their naked eyes.

     Chasing the milkyway every remote travel destination I visit now has become a routine and I am still amazed by the beauty of the night sky.

Apart from the milkyway, I am also trying to capture some scenic sunsets and sunrises

     Along with astrophotography and amateur astronomy I also like to shoot timelapses.
Its something only recently I have started to learn how to do well and publish online.

New York City, The city so nice, it had to be named twice.

A summer evening overlooking the southern Jersey City sky.

Some nice clouds on a summer aftenroon in Washington DC.

Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

Along with photography, I also like to paint, below are some recent paintings from my facebook page.

A collection of my efforts at painting, usually on sundays.. #fun #hobby #paintinga #acrylic

Posted by Gokul Siunday Paintings on  Wednesday, June 19, 2019