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1) Man United 2) Kids 3) Wife ,in that order !!!

Welcome to the little corner of the internet that I can call my home in cyberspace.    Try the new beta page
     My name is Gokul Menon and I work as a Software Engineer at    Facebook in New York. I have over    10 years of software development and engineering experience building enterprise software like electronic trading systems and algorithmic trading platforms.

    This website is a part of one of many small hobbies and I plan to use it as a scratch pad to learn cool web technologies,hack and glue together arbitrary pieces of code to make a simple static homepage.
     I even got a chatbot recently and its a work in progress. I plan to keep this page purely static and keep it simple.

     It is running on google app engine platform with a simple webapp2 framework and static html and javascript content.
    I am passionate about all things Computer Science , Football , astronomy & astrophotography. I also love to paint acrylic over canvas panels, play video games and travel and read and lastly I am ardent Manchester United Fan. They say you can change your city, your country, change your religion but you never change your football club.